Next to take the stage was "Ravenous", enjoying a much-anticipated comeback after a twelve-month absence. Showing no lack of form for the loss of their original guitarist the lads played the songs that made their "Blind Faith" CD such a must have. In fact, when their new guitarist played a few leads on his knees behind the back of his head the gnashing of other band members teeth nearly drowned out the set...

Surprisingly, due to their insistence, next came "Fortress" (advancing age perhaps) and anyone who have ever seen the premier act of Australian white power rock 'n' roll play need not ask what happened next. The crowd erupted, separating the young from the old, the weak from the strong, the drunk from the sober...and basically kicked ass in the style that "Fortress" fans are accustomed to. (Cheers for Sid doing the Ozzy Osbourne lifestyle show know what I mean Sid).

Unfortunately for them," Deaths Head" followed "Fortress". Playing songs from their new CD soon to be released on Panzerfaust Records, "Deaths Head" played a tight clean set of the hard skinhead metal that they are becoming known for worldwide. "You're all Fat, Bald, Cunts!" accused the vocalist; the crowd seemed too tired to listen. (Pricks)

Last on the bill was newly relocated to Melbourne," Bail Up", who whipped the crowd into an Oi frenzy with a few classic skinhead covers and their own brand of fast paced Aussie Oi. Everyone much rested from "Deaths Heads" set (yes that is a dig) got up and spilled their drinks to this Aussie Hammer Band.

Of course it wouldn't be an ISD gig without a bunch of enthusiastic (i.e. drunk) skins getting up and having a last bash, and Scott from "Fortress" led the way with various musicians doing a resounding version of "Hail the new dawn"," I hate commie scum" and other classic favourites.

The night could only be called a success. What we lost in numbers, we made up for in effort, with a do. I hope Ian would be proud to know it was held in his honour.

Lots of Beer, No arrests and only one confirmed case of mad cow disease from the untreated drinking horn raffled off as a door prize.


For over ten years the names of such bands as Fortress, White Noise and Open Season have been synonymous with great white power music. Now with up and coming bands such as Ravenous, Deaths Head and Bail Up the legacy of popular Australian white power music seems set in stone.

It seems that these days you cannot pass a music genre without crossing the path of a top notch Aussie band at the forefront of the musical revolution. Such being the case, the Australian ISD gig for 2002 was destined to be a showcase for some of the best white power bands in the world. A fitting tribute for the man that started it all....

While Australian gigs have never been known for their large numbers they have never lacked in intensity, so when 80 or so proud white nationalists gathered at the venue the scene was definitely set for an eventful evening. The lads from Blood and Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins had prepared well for the night (in spite of a good portion of the set up time being spent "discussing matters" down the local) so the gig organization went off relatively problem free (Hail to B&H Cranky).

The local commie contingent who can only be described as "pesky" had nought a clue and, even if they did were too fearful to front on the night, despite their bogus calls of boycotts and other such scary tactics.

First on the agenda was an unexpected surprise band from Newcastle called "Blood Red Eagle". Self described as Viking Oi (?) they played a tight and interesting set.