Last but not least was Fortress who played a smashing gig putting it all in for the occasion. They played a couple of classic anthems including "I Hate Commie Scum", "Hail Rock 'n' Roll" and a fine rendition of Skrewdrivers "Blood & Honour" which got the crowd working!

A minutes silence was held during their set in honour for the man who is and always will be Blood & Honour. Apart from some minor and very unnecessary trouble, the night was a great success and very enjoyable for those who made the effort to travel as far as many did to get there.
Hail Ian Stuart! Gone but not forgotten.

September 20 th , a new venue saw B&H Australia commemorate the 10 years since Ian Stuart Donaldson’s passing and showed that the idea he originally conceived is still as strong as ever. This was a well organised gig and in an excellent venue.

This time people came out of the woodwork to show their support and a crowd of over 100 was drawn Australia wide and from overseas which was good to see indeed. A wide array of merchandise was also on offer from B&H in conjunction with Women for Aryan Unity and the Southern Cross Hammerskins including CD’s, T-shirts, badges, magazines etc.

The nights line up included five bands starting with Ravenous who played a very solid set and even threw in a couple of Skrewdriver songs to warm up the crowd. Blood Red Eagle then took the stage for their second Melbourne gig, coming all the way from Newcastle (New South Wales) which went down well with the crowd.

The third band up was Bail Up! Who received a very warm welcome playing quite possibly one of their best sets here yet! Deaths Head came on for their first set since returning from their recent and successful tour of Europe and played to a crowd that was by now somewhat cheerful, which guaranteed, had nothing to do with the vast quantities of alcohol being consumed .