Melbourne, the 11th of September 2004 was a gig never to be forgotten. Around 150-200 people from all around Australia came to see the Bully Boys and pay tribute to Ian Stuart. Comrades from Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and Canada and of course the US also came to be a part of this memorable event.

As usual, the scum from All People Equal (APE as they like to call themselves….fitting title when you think about it) had started their internet campaign a few weeks before to try and stop the gig from going ahead, and as always nothing came of it because they are full of shit!!

The meeting place before the gig was at some shit-hole pub in Fitzroy, a few of us from interstate were staying at. After a few beers we ordered a fleet of mini buses and we were on our way! of course our driver hardly spoke a word of English (surprised?) and had a hard time finding the venue, so once we were close we jumped out and walked the rest of the way.

Once inside the venue we all headed straight to the bar to have a few drinks and catch up with mates who we had not seen for a while. The venue was a lot smaller than the previous year’s location but this made for a great atmosphere.

The first band on stage was Blood Red Eagle, playing their best and doing a brilliant cover of Skrewdrivers 'I don't like you'. Next up was Deaths Head, who blasted out a few of tracks from their 'Onslaught' and 'Feast of the Jackals' albums.

By the time Fortress hit the stage the beer was flowing fast and everyone was in great spirits, singing along to their classics like 'Victory or Valhalla', 'Hail Rock'n'Roll' and 'I Hate Commie Scum'. It was good to see ex-Skrewdriver/Quick and The Dead bass player Murray Holmes come along and pay his respects by giving a small speech followed by a minutes silence in memory of Ian Stuart.

Next was the band that we had all been waiting to see and we weren't disappointed!! The Bully Boys!! They played an awesome set with tunes like 'Jigrun', 'Fire up the ovens' and the great singalong song "Skinhead Superstar'.

The night had been going along well until the unthinkable happened..... the bar ran out of booze!! and there were no pubs near by to restock the fridge, that being the only tragedy of the night.

Once again, Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins put on a brilliant and well organised gig. Well done guys!