Not only has it been one year since my first gig but it's been one year since the first Hammered Music Festival. With April rolling around again, all us young boys and gals met up at the airport at 5:30 on the Friday morning to head up to the sunny Gold Coast.

While going through security we had a middle aged lass showing off her WPWW badge to us, which is always good to see gig weekend. Two hours later we were there; ready to catch up with our comrades from all around Australia. So that's what we did, we ate, drank, talked and drank some more until it was time for the thing we were all waiting for - Gig day.

So here it is, the 2nd annual Hammered Festival!

First up - Deaths Head

Australias most powerful metal band (and my personal favourite) opened this night of racial mayhem up. Belting out first with Onslaught, arms, legs and torsos were flying all around the hall as people spared no time in starting a mosh pit to jump around in. Deaths Head played this set the only way they know how to; hard, fast and loud!

All the classics were there, Doubts, Annihilation, Vikings Wrath and Taste the Pain going out to the 872. They even dedicated No Quarter to the sound guys for the piss poor job they were doing. Ending their set with Swastika/Street Fight, everyone jumped in the pit to bump shoulders to get their last hit of Deaths Head before ISD.

Secondly - Open Season

Now these guys have been around through the ages. Nothing says RAC like Open Season. Playing a Mixture of new and old songs including Commando, Blood on the Streets, Southern Comfort, It's Time and Frontline Fighters, which of course Tim jumped on stage for a 3rd gig in a row to belt out the lyrics to (And nailed them!)

Open Seasons new line up is kicking ass. Be on the lookout for their new CD which isn't far away!
Just after this set a young girl by the name of Sammy got up on stage and gave a speech about a man called Gary Yarborough, this man was a part of The Order and is facing some tough legal battles at the moment so he can be set free from prison. For more information please contact WAU.

Then Last but not least -Ravenous.

Pure Aussie rock band Ravenous got up on stage to end this wild night. Now let me just say, the beers were flowing all night, not only for the crowd but for the band too and this was one of the most awesome fucking sets I have ever seen. Not only did they belt out their classics like Questions of Existence, Blind Faith, Revive and Break the Shackles, but also hammered out some covers like 88 Rock n Roll Band and Someone's Gonna Get their Head Kicked in Tonight.

A great end to a great night, Jim from Open Season won the carton of specially made Hammered beer and the hall was packed up and cleaned as if we weren't there at all.

A special thanks to the Southern Cross Hammerskins, Crew 38 and Blood and Honour QLD for throwing on another great gig.

Hail Victory!