Looks like it was that time of year again! April brings about the annual Hammered music festival, proudly presented by the Southern Cross Hammerskins, Crew38 and Blood & Honour.

This year it was the 3rd annual gig and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Southern Cross Hammerskins chapter, which meant that this year was a year not to be missed with lots of surprises in store for all! And with a line up of Ravenous, Open Season, Deaths Head and Youngland, this was certainly not a gig to be missed!

As usual, the Zionist controlled media did their best to try smear the gig and raise awareness to the evil Nazis lurking in Brisbane's backyard, which is of course nothing but hyped, hysterical nonsense. Seriously, look at major festivals and popular concerts, people go to them and cause fights, take drugs, drink excessively, etc, but a gig which actually promotes a worthy cause and has none of the aforementioned dengeneracy present, is looked down upon merely for the fact that it is a 'White Pride Concert'. Hmmm, go figure...

Even our local politicians got roped into trying to slander us. Rob Messenger started a petition to try boycott the gig and get our groups outlawed as domestic terrorist groups, and I believe he only collected around 2,000 signatures! All a ploy to grab some last minute votes for the upcoming elections. Hah, what rubbish, clutching at straws there aren't you, Rob?

Wednesday brought around the arrival of our international guests Youngland and a brother from the Confederate Hammerskins chapter who had travelled many miles to make it to our wonderful state. Some of the QLD-ers kicked off the party on Wednesday by having a 'few' drinks with our international guests, which, from the pictures, looked like a barrel of laughs!

Anyway, onto the weekend; The interstaters, Kiwis and fellow Queenslanders trickled in throughout the week until we had our usual, strong supporter base all ready to rock the Sunshine State. Myself, and a few of the Victorian lads had a fair few bevvies on the Thursday evening at the hotel (which was actually pretty good this year!) and we were awoken to the cold, shrill call of the motel telephone at 8am in the morning asking us to vacate the premises due to 'excessive noise complaints'. If they thought 5 Skinheads on a Thursday night was 'excessive', they had no idea what they were in for over the weekend!

As of Friday evening, pretty much everyone had descended upon the hotel. It is always a magnificent feeling to catch up with old faces and meet new people, and believe me, there was a lot of new faces getting around this year, which is a great site to see as it means that we are growing as a movement, from strength to strength!

Friday the 20th of April brought around the birthday of the man we all look to for inspiration, a man we all admire. If you hadn't guessed, it was Adolf Hitler's 123rd birthday. An important day for National Socialists everywhere. To celebrate this glorious day, we ventured to a local hotel/bistro to raise a glass and have a meal in honour of Adolf Hitler. The night rolled out into a great social event, allowing new and old faces to get better aquainted over a couple of drinks and once all ravenous, Viking hungers were satisfied and thirsts were quenched, we ventured back to our sleeping quarters ready to tackle whatever gig day threw at us!

Saturday. Gig day. An awful lot of last minute, pesky jobs for a few people to do, but nothing could dampen our spirits. With such great anticipation leading up to the gig, there was no time to waste! The gig roared into action like a Panzer crushing a platoon of Red soldiers with bone crushing brutality and unstoppable momentum. Nothing could stand in our way!

The first band to blitz the stage with an audio assault of hardcore, racial music was well known Australian favourites, Ravenous. The boys even had a new drummer, who to his credit, was still learning some of the songs, but anyway, they gave it their best shot and belted out a ripper of a set. Such crowd pleasers, as Free, Break The Shackles and Blind Faith were belted out by the awesome vocals of "Cranky". With their set wrapping up leaving the crowd crying for more, we eagerly awaited the next band.

Next up was the proficient RAC stylings of the well known QLD band, Open Season. The guys in this band just seem to get more efficient and better at what they do everytime I hear them. The guys rocked the crowd with songs off their new album: 'Behind Enemy Lines... In Our Own Homeland', which is a little different, as we are used to the old favourites off the 'Frontline Fighters' album. Anyway, the new breed of songs certainly pumped the crowd up, great songs like Blood On The Streets, Serial Killer and Kommando were smashed out on stage. Of course, some of the old favourites were also played, with our tradition of ol' Timmy getting up and singing Frontline Fighters for the lads, always a gallant effort there, mate!  After a fantastic barrage of hate-rock the crowd was getting into gear and people were starting to let their hair down (figuratively speaking, of course). I did pick up a copy of their new album, which is now available on 9% Productions, I highly recommend it!

Third in line was the heavy metal of Melbourne band, Deaths Head. Always a crowd favourite with these guys. Smashing into their set with Onslaught, people got a tad more energetic and the fierce moshpit got into the swing of things, with limbs flying all over the room, Deaths Head annihilated their set with such classic crowd pleasers as Annihilation, Swastika and Doubts. With the energy and sheer aggressiveness of their set, a few people were left a bit sore after getting mucked into the pit. Always the sign of a good set to see half the crowd whincing when they move!

Last and certainly not least to grace our stage for the night was the American band Youngland!

Complete with their own get-ups and quirkiness, the band wasted no time getting into their White Power rock 'n' roll! Everyone, and I mean everyone, got up and had a dance to this up-beat rockabilly sound, which was a great sight to see, young and old, big and small all dancing and bouncing around having a fantastic time, which is what these gigs are about!

Youngland rocked out with a cover of Red Flags Are Burning and also busted out such favourites as Thank God I'm A Whiteboy and Stand One, Stand All. The guys were a real crowd pleaser and when their set unfortunately came to an end, nearly everyone had a shining grin from ear to ear!

After gig cleanup took no time at all. Everyone jumped into help do their share of the clean up process. The atmosphere after leaving the hall was ecstatic, everyone was in such a great mood, a lot of fun memories will be kept from that night!

As usual, this was a great success of the joint forces of of the Southern Cross Hammerskins, Crew38 and Blood & Honour. And it just goes to show, you can run smear campaigns against us, publicly slander us, try to ban us, boycott us etc, but we will ALWAYS come back with a bellowing voice which will always be heard far and wide by the masses of untermensch and sheer degenerates that populate our once proud, European society. The White man will ALWAYS be here and will ALWAYS be heard and will NEVER back down to injustice and the moral cowardice that's exhibited in our society on a day-to-day basis.

A big thank you to the Southern Cross Hammerskins, their Prospects, Crew38 and Blood & Honour for co-presenting a great show and for manning the doors, doing bar and merchandise, cleaning up and whatever odd jobs were done over the weekend. Your hard work does not go un-noticed.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who travelled far and wide to attend this concert. It is thanks to your unity that we can put these types of events on and it just goes to show that our Family just gets bigger and stronger every year. United we stand, united we win!

For Blood, Honour, Faith, Folk and Nation