2004 saw the highpoint of recent Blood and Honour activity with the arrival on our shores of the
Bully Boys from the US, adding  Fortress , Deaths Head  and Blood Red Eagle to the bill made for one of the biggest NS concerts in Australia for many years. Unfortunately, while a great success the evening was not a financial one. The end result being that the 2005 ISD concert was a much more modest affair, the object being to save and raise money in the hopes of putting on a bigger show at a later date. With Blood Red Eagle and Bail Up! On the bill ,the gig at the Birmingham hotel was small and never really got going, though importantly the date was marked and Ian Stuart remembered as has been tradition every year since his death

Come 2006, wanting to make more of an event of the show, the Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood and Honour endeavoured to bring 
Stigger , an ex member of Skrewdriver and successful musician in his own right here, from the UK. Unfortunately these plans fell through leaving no time to secure another international act. It was decided that like the previous year the 2006 ISD would once again be a low key affair and it was back the Birmingham.

                                        The day of the gig started as per usual, the early starters started early and the out of towners began to trickle in as the day progressed. Surprisingly it was a rather poor showing from the Melbourne locals and a good portion of those in attendance had traveled from interstate from all over Australia. For a good many of them it was their first B&H concert. The evening progressed well despite the Melbourne red community getting up to their usual tricks.

For those unaware the Birmingham is in a very "multi-cultural" (aka shitty) part of Melbourne. The reds seem to have taken affront to our presence and having not so cunningly deduced the whereabouts of the event, proceeded to post the location and contact details of the gig on various red websites. Some bottom touching wag then proceeded to call the pub manager and claiming to be a spokesman for the cfmeu stated the pub would be closed down by violence due to the assault of a union member by skinheads the previous evening.

Full points for originality and credit where credit is due, this story was better than the usual bomb threats and did cause some nervousness on behalf of the pub management. Of course it was all bullshit that came to nothing and prank calls and hang ups were the order of the night throughout the evening. Of the reds themselves however there was never any sign….

In a footnote however, many left wing punks feeling betrayed by the Birmingham (traditionally a punk hangout) called for a boycott of the pub from their annual pub crawl the following week due to their "support" for the Nazis. The pub crawl ended at the Birmy as per usual, red punks in tow, probably grumbling drunkenly into their beer about nazi sympathizers.

               So with most comers in attendance and tighter security measures in place the night went on. A special mention goes to Ben from Brisbane for scaring the crap out of some of the new comers with his zealousness, the gig finally got underway.

First up was Ultra Violence , a three piece from Adelaide, who lacking a singer drafted in Jesse from Deaths Head on vocals. The boys had only managed to get in a single rehearsal the night before, so it was a brave quartet who mounted the stage, with their chorus of back up singers dubbed "The Droogettes."

Surprisingly for many, not least themselves their set went over quite well, with the classic Oi! Songs familiar to most in attendance soon having the room dancing and singing along like it was 1984 all over again.

Their initial nervousness soon wore off and even the band could laugh at their more obvious blunders. The key to entertaining viewing being not to take yourself to seriously, which is easy when the chorus to one song consisted of singing "Sons of Glory" 16 times in a row. The boys left the stage triumphantly to hearty applause and happily made their way to the bar to get good and sloshed.

Next up was BRE, the Newcastle ban recently cut down to a trio by the departure of their bass player.

Last but by no means least were the hometown boys, Bail Up! Having reformed briefly after a few years' hiatus from the 2005 ISD show, where they delivered a rather slipshod performance everyone was curious to see what changes had been wrought by a differing line up and a lot more time to practice. 

I think the guys themselves were a little anxious and nerves were on edge when singer Damo was seen to remark to the other band members "Bully ( Bail Up! Drummer) is drinking shots of jagermeister!" to the bands dismay, this being about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. They needn't have worried however as by the time they took to the stage 90 percent of the crowd was as tanked as the aforementioned Bully.

Even teetotaler Damo had a couple of jagers and redbull which seemed to put a rocket in his pocket as Bail Up! Delivered one of their most aggressive and energetic performances in years. Once more pumping out classic covers and their own brand of Aussie Oi the crowd went wild, sieg heiled and even joined in on stage with the Melbourne stalwarts and then back out there for 3 encores.

On that high note the gig wound down with everyone hitting the bar to make new friends, catch up with old ones, drink and basically enjoy the rest of the whitest night of the year. The atmosphere of the show was fantastic and everyone left with the feeling of a job well done. No dramas and no hassles….

The next day hangovers being nursed we all started to drift away, goodbyes were said as new friends and old travelled home for another year, last beers were drank and comradeship pledged. The teeth were clenched and it was home to face the wrath of angry missus' everywhere.

Blood & Honour Australia would like to thank all those who made the effort to attend, from all over Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Also a special thanks must go to "The Droogettes" for their support.