This year's ISD was a bit of a strange one in that despite all the anticipation beforehand, there was a massive sigh of relief once it all went off.

This year there was an unprecedented amount of harassment from the Red scum. These dickheads seem incapable on focusing on their own crappy lives and instead dedicate themselves to trying to give us grief. As usual, however, they rose to the same pathetically ineffectual standard they've managed in previous years and had absolutely no bearing on how the gig went. And, again as usual; they've upheld a long tradition for red filth by spreading disinformation and dragging innocent parties through the mud in their frustration that they have no chance of stopping any B&H Australia functions.

Anyways, enough venting and on to the gig…

The build up before the concert was a big one. Some of the interstate comrades came over as early as the Tuesday before the weekend of ISD and didn't leave 'til the Tuesday after so as you can imagine, our livers (and probably half our womenfolk) were glad when it was all over.

Friday morning brought the welcome news that Final War had made it into the country with no problems. This set us up for the official start to the weekend which was dinner that night at a German restaurant for the older and more well-known folk. This place has remarkable wrought-iron work all over the joint, with two foot high runes as the major features, including all the old favorites such as Odal, Life (Algiz), Tyr, etc.

It's heartening to see a Teutonic venue so obviously proud of its heritage and no indication of politically-correct pressure to pretend otherwise. And that they didn't bat an eyelid at 30-odd (mostly) heavily-tattooed skinheads and Nationalists was the icing on that particular cake…

Saturday started off with most of us meeting in Melbourne city where the Federal members of our constabulary let it be known that they were watching us but otherwise left us alone, which was very White of them, haha. Anyway, a lot of us at this stage were more concerned with the internet smear campaign the antifa had been conducting and whether or not they'd sussed out the venue. Mind you, we were pretty confident because the useless Red twats hadn't clicked on to Final War being our International guest band, despite it being the worst kept secret since Elton John "shocked" the world with the news he was a knob-gobbling arse-bandit… Anyway, after many hairs of many dogs, it was time to head out to venue to start setting up. This year the Melbourne Croatia Social Club were kind enough to host the gig (no point in keeping it a secret now, it was subsequently on the National television news and in the papers and, of course, YouTube).

It was around this time the venue started receiving threatening and abusive phone calls from the commie retards, but as usual with these losers over here, it's only a couple of keyboard commando types so it cracked us up to hear the it was the same morons were ringing up the MCSC over and over using different names but with the same voices. Honestly, these pricks must think everyone is as mentally challenged as they are. The upshot was that the Croats stayed staunch and ended up telling the antis not-so-politely where to go; another "cunning" Red plan bites them in arse again, haha…

Ok, back to the gig: The Quick and the Dead was the first much-anticipated band to get up and play.

This is the original band of Murray from Skrewdriver (Hail The New Dawn era) with new members filling the other positions. These guys had the unenviable task of opening the show and doing their second-only gig since the reformation of the band.

However, they managed to slam through an extensive set of many well-known songs that most there knew as being later covered by White Noise (the West Australian band; not the record label) including the great "Clockwork Violence", "The Final Solution", "Sick Mind", "Child Molester" and ending with the immortal "Sieg Heil, We're Back Again" which most of you would know as "We're Back Again" as covered by Burnley's No Remorse.

I have to say it was an absolute privilege to see Murray playing live; someone who'd played on Skrewdriver's "Hail The New Dawn", an album which has had such an influence on so many of us National Socialist/skinhead folk; and especially at a gathering to mark the passing of Ian Stuart.

Bail Up! were on next; this Hammerskin band are a stalwart of the local Melbourne scene. It's a shame the venue is a big hall and the acoustics could be a little variable depending on where you were standing, because I've heard these guys in smaller venues and to say they can crank out a powerful, heavy rocking set that gets the crowd up on their toes is a little like saying that the Vikings were known to go sailing once in a while…

Damo's vocals were like a wild dog on steroids as him and the boys hammered through their original songs like "Liar", "Bomb The Boats" and "Junkie" (all on the "On The Rampage, Vol.1" split with Battle Standard). They also pulled out the evergreen crowd fave covers such as "ACAB", "Violence On Our Minds" and with Dougie on guest vocals, did a version of "Smash The IRA" that would have done Ian proud.

Next up were the band many of us had been looking forward to for months: Orange County's own Final War.

It's hard to overstate just how cool these guys were. Not only were they absolute gentlemen as people, they played in trying conditions (unfamiliar instruments, etc.) and still managed to pump out a set that was as tight as the proverbial fish's arsehole. No way around it; these blokes can play hard, melodic Nationalist tunes like nobody's business. And after flogging my copies of "Glory Unending" and "We Speak The Truth" to death over the preceding few months it was a transcending moment to finally hear the Rudolph Hess tribute, "Tales Of Honour", played live.

We were fortunate enough to have Roy and the lads do an extensive set that included one of the best NS songs ever written; "Glory Unending" as well as most of the songs off both their albums.

Seriously, if you're new to the scene and haven't heard these guys before then get your arse into gear and get some of their stuff, as they have to be one of the best bands to ever come out of the States.

It was with mixed emotions that we saw the next band get up. This was, as we all knew, Fortress' farewell gig. It's no exaggeration to say Fortress have been one of the greatest RAC bands of all time and an inspiration to a multitude of White folk. This was Blood & Honour, as instigated by Ian Stuart, at its best; White music as a driving force for the re-awakening of racial consciousness in our youth and people. This gig was an opportunity, for those who'd never seen them before, to tell your grandkids that you'd seen the mighty Fortress play live.

In the interests of brevity I'll only mention a few of the songs that Scott and the band did, but suffice it to say that all the standards were there from albums both new and old, from "Hail Rock & Roll" off their first release to "Hate/Love" from "Fires Of Our Rage". It's fair to say that by the time they got to "I Hate Commie Scum", the crowd was going nuts! That song has to be up there in everyone's top ten RAC songs of all time and to see it played live, for the last time ever, was a freakin' gem to be treasured. The last four or so songs they did which included the anthem "Victory Or Valhalla" and pumped-up, concussion-inducing covers of "Johnny Joined The Klan", "Hail The New Dawn" and the finale, "Ace Of Spades" had the audience going ballistic…
This was a real bittersweet moment: On one hand we'd just paid witness to Fortress' last ever gig; on the other hand, it was their last ever gig (!), if you know what I mean. Either way, it's not something those who were there are likely to forget. And to all those who said they'd turn up and didn't: It's your loss…

Anyways, the weekend ended up with an extra benefit for a few of us; we took the Final War guys our for dinner the Monday after the gig to a pub that had a an open mic/jam night (also known as Amateur's Night) and after much hassling on our part the lads graciously consented to getting up on stage and doing a few songs for an audience of just us four that were left. It was effin' magic and a testament to just how stand-up those guys are.

Finally; thanks to all those who helped organize the gig, a big thanks to all the punters who put the effort in to turning up (cheers!) and massive gratitude to The Quick And The Dead, Bail Up!, Final War and Fortress.