The time had come for us interstaters to pack our bags & make the journey to Melbourne to honour the memory of a great man, our fallen comrade Ian Stuart Donaldson, at the annual Blood & Honour ISD memorial concert.  A few of us had arrived a few days earlier to catch up with old friends before the upcoming concert.

The day of the gig, many of us who were nursing severe hangovers from the previous night, managed to make our way to the meeting point, where we caught up with more old friends & some new ones. After a long wait, as one person always has to hold the rest up (thanks Kristian) we finally arrived at the venue.

Because of police interest, the gig was a low key event, without the usual banners, flags & such, but hey we all knew what we were there for & that's what matters.

First up was BRE followed by the long awaited & anticipated return of the newly reformed local lads, Ravenous, & these boys did not disappoint.

Now it must be mentioned that the lads had to bring in a drummer from New Zealand so only got to have their first practice the night before. However this did not hinder them at all as they played a powerfully brilliant set, opening with a crowd favourite, Blind Faith which had the whole crowd up singing & dancing.

Besides playing original songs such as Revive, Free, & Break the Shackles, they also covered Fortress's "Commie Scum", No Remorse's "We Play for You", Celtic Warriors "Invader" & of course Skrewdriver's "White Power" much to the enthusiasm of the crowd. Then as an added bonus, Damo from Bail Up got up & sang a couple of songs with the lads; an original Bail Up song "Razorhurst" & The 4 Skins A.C.A.B.
Lastly was one of my favourite bands of all time, the upcoming young band that has taken Europe by storm these past couple of years, Kill Baby, Kill. The boys had come from the other side of the world to grace our shores for this special time of year.

Playing their own brand of Skinhead Rock, these boys from Belgium, England & Germany took to the stage like true professionals. Playing their catchy original sing along songs, such as Give Back the Oi!, Inbreed, We are the Law & Diversity, they also managed to do some covers, such as the Bully Boys, jig run much to the enjoyment of the S.C.H.S. To top the night off they invited Murray (ex Skrewdriver bass player) & Kenny on drums, to come & play a couple of songs with them, including Back with a Bang & Hail the New Dawn.
On that note the night wound down & old & new friends said their goodbyes for another year. Many thanks to the organisers of Blood & Honour Australia & the Southern Cross Hammerskins for putting on an awesome show & for the hospitality they extended. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again next year.