Celebrated a bit later than usual this year on the 8th of October was the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial concert, co-hosted by Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins.

As usual, people from all over the country travelled many miles to the cold and dingy climate of Melbourne to help celebrate the life and memory of one of the greatest men of the National Socialist cause, an inspiration to us all and the founder of Blood & Honour, Ian Stuart Donaldson! With such a great line-up and months of build up and anticipation for this concert, people were itching to get amongst it this weekend.

On the Friday, myself and one of the Hammerskins set off to the airport in Brisbane and flew down to Melbourne, where we were met by one of our friends who put her hand up to pick the pair of us up from the airport and take us to the hotel (Thanks S!). The accomodation this year was not too bad, probably on par with last years. No needles, no hookers, however, there was what looked like the remains of a squashed rat in the hotel courtyard, seriously, this rat looked like a pancake, maybe some of the local Indigenous community were lying in wait for the right moment to strike?!

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted by many of our inter-state friends and many a good story and moments were had by all. Throughout the day, many more QLD folk and other inter-staters descended upon the hotel.

This is one of the best parts of our events, besides the concerts, seeing our friends that we only see a few times a year, it really does show how much of a strong family we are.

Anywhos, once all of our family had trickled in to the hotel throughout the day and shared a few beers with one-another, we went out for our usual pre-concert formal dinner for the dedicated, well known folk of the movement. We arrived at the hotel, and as usual, the workers at which-ever restaurant we decide upon for every pre-gig meal are not ready for a marauding group of carnivourus Skinheads... The look on their faces is a lot like a scared rabbit in the headlights. Priceless.

The restaurant itself was good, and the company was even better, but the arsehole bouncers at the venue were looking for any excuse to turf us out onto the street like a pack of mangy, rabid dogs. They eventually made up some bullshit excuse about J's pants, describing them as 'workers pants', hence not fitting the dress code, and tried to ask us to leave... We left when we wanted to! So, with hungers sated and thirsts slaked, we ventured back through the pouring rain to the hotel, where more beverages, stories and great times were had well into the early hours of the morning. Fortunately for which-ever guest had the biggest room, there was no 'party room' this year as the hotel had a courtyard where we spent most of our time, even still, without the usual music blasting until 5am and the usual customs at the hotel, the hotel punters and management had already had enough of us, and we were behaving, I swear!

With a few sore-heads to accompany some of our brethern the next day, we all were eagerly anticipating the evening as today was gig day! As usual, there was the running around at the last minute, getting everything sorted rush.
We all know how it goes, and the gig stormed into action without any dramas. Plenty of new faces this year as well as all the regular folk, which was great to see. Meeting new faces is always a good sign that the movement is growing.
Anyway, the first band to blitz the stage was a new, recently formed NSBM band from Melbourne called Waffenbruder. Unfortunately, for these guys, their bass  player and drummer bottled out at the last second, so we only had the singer and the guitar player, the other instruments were covered by machines. The band were a bit different to what most of us are used to in regards to the genre, but they still belted out a ripper of a set, they even covered No Remorse's  song This Time The World.

Next up were well known Aussie hard rockers Ravenous, as we all know, these guys bombard the audience with a musical barrage of hate rock. Everyone loves the amount of energy in their songs, which in turn, leads to the most dangerous part of the gigs. The mosh pit!

The band blasted out such classics as Blind Faith, Revive and Free to name but a few. Ravenous certainly got the crowd all jumped up and ready to roll for the evening. It was an absolute blinder of a set and it left the crowd screaming for more. I know I was keen for lots more racial musical mayhem!

Next in line were the totally renewed, revamped and absolutely ground-shattering Open Season.

For those of you who don't know too much about Open Season, the band itself has been around for decades, and their first album Frontline Fighters is regarded as one of the most politically incorrect and offensive RAC albums to ever be recorded. This new line-up of Open Season is aggressively hard. The difference between Frontline Fighters and the new Open Season is amazing, the new OS are what I'd class as hardcore punk or even tipping into the metal genre almost. The proficiency on the instruments by the band members is tremendous in every single way.

And as it has become tradition at every gig, one of the Geelong lads gets on stage to rock out the song Frontline Fighters. You can really tell that the guys have been practicing until their fingers bleed.

We are still waiting for copies of their new album Behind Enemy Lines, but be sure to check out 9% Productions for when it hits our shores! Lots of fun was had during their set and even a bit of blood spilt, with our resident cleaner, Lurchy, getting up to show his mopping and air guitar skills on the stage. A hilarious sight!

Last and certainly not least was the illustrious Deaths Head.

These guys know how to get the whole crowd reering for action. Kicking off their set with the song Onslaught, everyone got mucked into the moshpit, people were flying all around the hall.

Deaths Head belted out all the favourites, such as The Reaper, Viking Wrath and Swastika, amongst them. The band produced an ear destroying set, which left the crowd calling out for more! Definately the best way to end a great night.

Clean up took no time at all as we all jumped in to help each other out. We all left the hall in an ecstatic mood and with many memories to look back on in the future.

Yet again, this was a huge success for the joint forces of Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, it just goes to show that our movement is only going in one way, forward, with masses of momentum behind it, nothing can stop us and nothing will!

I'd like to extend a thank you to the Victorians and who-ever else helped to set up such an amazing gig. Also, a big shout out to all of the inter-state folk from Australia and the Kiwis for making the trip to Melbourne to celebrate the memory of the great man, Ian Stuart Donaldson.

A massive thanks to Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins for co-presenting the gig, also to the SCHS Prospects, Crew 38 and WAU for helping with bar sales, merchandising, manning the doors and other jobs that had to be done throughout the weekend, your hard work makes our movement run alot smoother.

For the memory of Ian Stuart.
For Blood, Honour, Faith and Folk.