This year marked the 19th year of the passing of Blood & Honour's founder, the great man that is Ian Stuart Donaldson. Hosted by Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, with additional support from our sisters in WAU and located, as always, in Melbourne. The concert this year boasted a triumphant line-up of Open Season, Ravenous and The Commieknockers, as usual, this was not a concert to be missed!

Friends and supporters packed their bags and travelled many miles to show support for our Cause and to raise a glass and stiff armed salute to our fallen brother, Ian Stuart.

Anyway, down to business.
Various inter-staters arrived a day or two earlier to begin their weekend of brotherhood and fun. Most of our usual supporters and Family arrived on the Friday. We met at our hotel, which wasn't too bad, rather swish compared to previous years, some of the rooms even had spa baths! Throughout the day, new and old faces descended upon our position, while it's great to see our regular Brothers and Sisters, it is fantastic to meet new faces, it shows that slowly but surely, the White youth of today are somewhat 'waking up' to their surroundings and wanting more for themselves as a person and for their People.

After the usual strong supporter base was built up, we decided to satisfy our tastebuds and hungers with a round of food and many drinks with Jack Daniels. Once hungers and thirsts were slaked, many of us decided to hit the hay and prepare for a big day, however, a peaceful night was not in store for all of us... Several of our Brothers decided to hit up the servo before bed to get smokes and other products, weren't they in for a surprise... Our resident New South Welshman, B, was walking along the footpath minding his own business, smoke in one hand, beer in the other, when BAM! Out of no-where, a car full of people of questionable sexual preference attempt to mow him down, B got hit at some speed and there was no screeching of brakes, so he copped a hit at about 60Km/H, however, as we are of a tough breed, B just bounced WITHOUT spilling his beer or his smoke going out, this is a sign of a True Blue Aussie! He got back up, dusted himself off and after a heated situation, we actually realised that the 'people' who hit him, were full blown bull dykes! Gross!

After the dust had settled, we were met by members of the local Constabulary to question us, and to paraphrase them: "We're looking for a bloke with a shaved head and tattoos", well, Mr Police Officer, take your pic, we all have shaved heads and only about 2 people don't have tattoos! Go for gold, mate! Probably put us on the radar for the weekend unfortunately, however, no arrests were dished out, so a decent nights sleep was had by all.

Saturday brought around a handful of people who felt about tender due to sharing drinks with JD all night long, along with this tenderness, came the last minute run around jobs for the gig to commence smoothly that night. Organisers and workers were flying around like headless chickens for a few hours. After last minute dramas died down and were taken care of, the gig roared into action, ready to unleash a musical barrage of hate rock and ferocity upon the booted up crowd.

The gig started without a hitch and the merchandise stalls were buzzing with people wanting to grab their gig Memorial t shirts, or the latest CDs. WAU even had raffle tickets to win various, highly sought after prizes, such as David Lane's 'Deceived, Damned and Defiant', a book I would very much like to own myself!

A mood of excitment and itchy feet to get moving filled the hall with a great atmosphere as the first band to grace the stage and unleash an explosion of heavy rock was the old Aussie favourites of Ravenous, with the addition of their new drummer who had been practicing until his arms cramped up in the lead up to the gig. Ravenous smashed out such classics as Free, Break The Shackles and (my personal favourite) Battle Cry. The lads put in their hard work and hours of practice and made this one of their most bone crushing sets that I have ever seen, hats off to you guys! Their brutal set wrapped up with the crowd eagler awaiting the next band.

The next band to dominate the stage was The Commieknockers, a much anticipated return from the lads. For those of you who don't know, The Commieknockers are a cover-band, playing all the old-school favourites that would make any left-wing moron shake in his hipster shoes. There was a surprise in store from the blokes in the band, little did we know, they were dressing up and going to surprise us. Out of nowhere came four guys dressed in green fatigues, wearing berets with red stars embroidered on them, wearing black wigs, marching to the front with their fists clenched while listening to the Russian Communist Anthem from World War II! A confusing yet hilarious sight.

We were greeted by their front man who was named 'Gay Chihuahua' as he spoke of Communist oppression in the system before unleashing a merciless set of old Skinhead favourites to the crowd! Such old school favourites like, Hail Rock and Roll by Fortress and White Power by Skrewdriver were busted out much to the crowds content and they made everyone get up and have a dance.

The band finished up and left the stage still dressed in their Communist attire, leaving it free for the last band to get up there.

Last and certainly not least was the ruthless Open Season. The blokes pulverised a savage set of old and new favourites. Everybody got up and rocked out to such classics as Southern Comfort and The Slag and new favourites such as Kommando. A powerful set was unleashed upon the crowd, as we have come to expect from Open Season and as usual, they never disappoint and leave the crowd wanting more and more, which we got! As usual, a great show by the fellas.

After the music wound down and a few more beers were sank in good company, the clean-up job got underway, and as always, it takes no time at all as everyone pitches in to get the venue spick and span for the owners. An aura of excitment left the hall that night as people had experienced a night which will be remembered for years to come.

A success for the joint forces of B&H and SCHS, we are going from strength to strength in these dark days that are among us, giving hope to the White folk of todays sick society.

A huge thank you and salute to Blood & Honour Australia, The Southern Cross Hammerskins for co-hosting the gig and also to their Prospects, Crew 38 and of course our sisterhood, WAU for making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the weekend, your hard work never goes amiss and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

19 years gone, but never forgotten! We hail you Ian Stuart! You are in our thoughts and minds!

For Blood, Honour, Faith and Folk.